Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Grace the Preschooler

So my little Gracie went to her first day of Preschool today. She so badly wanted to start preschool, watching Randi go for two years was so hard for her. I so badly wanted her to just stay small, stay my baby Grace and stay with me. But she won't, just like Randi, she is enjoying going out on her own and becoming a "big kid". I'm super proud of her and she is a gem of a daughter. Both my sweet girls are! Here are some pictures of Grace on her big day!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Randi's 5th Birthday

We had a GREAT day celebrating Randi's 5th Birthday. Jeff took off work and we headed up to Wichita to spend the day at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. After we were all tuckered out we went to Build-A-Bear. The girls had a blast, so did Mom and Dad and we made some great memories.

School Time

Randi is officially a Kindergartner and Grace will start Preschool next Tuesday! My babies are NOT babies anymore. Makes me sad and extremely proud and happy for them...very conflicting feelings.  It's been great spending alone time with Grace and she is loving it too! We do miss Randi, I'm just not as fun as a big sister, or so I'm told. It's strange being home without Randi but I know she's having a blast and loving it so I'll survive. Here are some pictures of Randi aka The Kindergartner and her first couple of days.