Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Day

We had a great Easter. The girls got all cute in their dresses, (they picked them out) and we spent the day with Jeff's Dad's side of the family. Here are some pictures of our day.
 My beautiful little girls
 And again
 Jeff bringing the Easter baskets out from the van for the girls. I had to get a picture, he's pretty cute, huh?
 The girls and their cousin's.
 Randi hunting eggs
 Miss Grace searching from some too

 Looks like she found a couple!

 Their baskets are getting pretty full!
A game of volleyball to end the day.

The girls opening their Easter presents from Grandpa Dan and Grandma Sherry

 Jeff taking a cruise on the scooter
 The girls love it too!
 Finally took a picture of myself!!

Our Family of 4 on Easter Sunday.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two Easter Parties Are Better Than One

It's almost Easter time, which means this week at school was filled with excitement. They made cute bunny art, egg art, and of course participated in the glorious egg hunt. I love all the crafts they get to make, the girls have taken on the job of holiday decorators at our house. All their masterpieces get displayed on the mantle, fridge, and around the house each holiday and Easter is no exception.
Randi's cute little bunny

Grace's Happy Easter sign.

Grace's party was first. This will be my third year hiding eggs for Sacred Heart preschool, I think I have earned the title of "Professional Egg Hider". It's so fun to watch all the little ones running and searching for those plastic eggs, with big ole grins on their face the entire time.
Grace getting ready to head outside to start

On your mark, get set, GOOOOO

Randi's party was next. All the kindergartners and the first graders were in the hunt together. Me and several mom's hid literally hundreds of eggs, actually around 600. Watching all of them line up and go was hilarious. These kindergartners and first graders are SERIOUS about their egg hunting.

In line ready to go

Really ready to go now!!

All the kids are gearing up to take off

She's so sad because she can't find anymore
Ohhhh wait, She found one!!

She must have found something good in that one

So all in all, it was a great week and the girls both had so much fun at their Easter parties. Of course I had fun watching them and snapping pictures when I had a moment. So far Easter 2011 is a good one!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grace Turns 4

Like every birthday of my girl's, it's bitter sweet. I love watching them grow and become these amazing little people, people I am truly proud of and people I am honored to be apart of raising. However, I am also so sad that another year in their young lives has come and gone.
My baby, the one I was holding in my arms for the first time, which seems like only yesterday, is now 4.

4 years have passed by and that's 4 years I'll never get back. I guess it's a good thing we're making the most of them. Still very bitter sweet for me.

 And then she turned ONE!

 Such a cute cute little one year old!!
 And then came birthday number TWO!!
Even cuter as two!

 And Three came soon after! She's turning into a sweet little lady. (Most the time anyway)


Her birthday was a blast! She had a ton of fun and soaked in all the attention that only a birthday can bring.

I hope you had a good one baby girl!!! Your gorgeous inside and out, your laugh is infectious, you give the best hugs and I am soooo proud of who you are growing up to be! Keep it up Grace, your a a little world changer.