Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Mother of Girls

I ran across a super cute little poem the other day and I just had to chuckle at how accurate it was. A quick trip around my house with my camera after getting two girls ready for school proves just how accurate it truly is. 

Shoes that never make it to their closets

Clothes thrown on the floor because the skirt she wanted was on the bottom

Self explanatory

What happens when 5 & 6 year old girls need to find the perfect hair accessory in a hurry

An abused closet after Grace gets done looking for an outfit and shoes (the shoes were probably in the pile by the stairs shown above)

An assortment of nail polish, lip gloss, lotion and chap-stick, none of it mine.

Love getting great deals, so does their Mimi!

Yup they are girls through and through. I love being the mother to girls!!


  1. My daughter and her husband are parents of four girls. My wife's mother was mother of ten girls, yes 10 girls, and 2 boys.

  2. 10 girls would be enough to drive any sane, patient mother into a early But I'm sure she loves every (almost every) minute of it. :)