Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Secret is Out

The other evening, after the kids had gone to bed, I was going from one room to the next, cleaning each room as I went. I got to the bathroom and Jeff came in to talk to me. While I was bleaching the sink and tub and cleaning the mirror, I said "Hey, while your in here, clean the toilet". He looked at me a little stunned, which weirded me out.....why did he act all weird about it??  He seemed really uncomfortable about the whole toilet cleaning suggestion. Then it hit me!

I said "How many times have you cleaned our toilet?"
He responded with "Our toilet, or a toilet? I cleaned my work's toilet last week."
I say "Our toilet, the one here in our home"
He pauses, then says "Well......maybe never"
Me- "Maybe never!!!!!!"

Of course he thinks this is funny. We have lived together for 11+ years and he has never had to clean our toilet??? So then I'm almost determined to get him to clean the toilet this time, but he no more than gets started and he's doing it ALL wrong (He was probably doing just fine, but this is one of the things I'm weird about). I say "Geesh, just let me do it".

He again laughs. Then he let the secret out, the secret that probably every man on this earth knows. He says that men just act like they don't know how to do certain things so they don't have to do them.

Examples: Folding laundry wrong, putting laundry away wrong, loading the dishwasher wrong, putting dishes away wrong, doing kids (especially girls) hair wrong, dressing children in non-matching clothes (Jeff is a chronic mis-matcher) making the bed wrong, the list goes on and on folks.

He does these things wrong (or not my way, at least) because he knows it will bug me and eventually I won't ask. Ya know what??? It works..with the exception of a rare occasion when I'm desperate for help. Seriously, how ingenious is this??? He is so smart! 

Jeff is smart! As bad as he is at picking up after himself and cleaning, he more than makes up for in other areas. He is amazing as a father. Time and time again he takes the girls to the park, skating, bike riding, or to do anything that we didn't get to do during the busy day. He never fails to spend quality time with them each and every day. He never forgets to kiss me goodbye or goodnight and every day he makes it a point to let me know what I mean to him.

So all in all, who cares if the boy hasn't cleaned our toilet in 11 years? I can overlook it. :)

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