Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Day of Fun

Every once in a great while we throw all caution to the wind and just have a fun filled day. The girls especially like these kind of days!  Randi had her last basketball game this Saturday and on a whim we decided to head to Wichita after the game and let them girls just have some fun!

I got caught up in the spontaneity of it all and said let's just leave straight from the game. Then my motherly and wifely brain kicked in and said WAIT, we're going to the house and getting prepared. This was a choice that was not received well. I think I may have heard some boo's and hiss's but in the end, it's a good thing we did. Packed the cooler with snacks and water, got the wipes (for dirty hands and faces), got all he junk out of the suburban, cleaned it real fast, made everyone go pee and then we headed off, prepared and a little less anxiety on my part. So the girls are now happy we are heading out.
The first stop in Wichita......The Zoo! A little windy, a little chilly, but really not so bad.

 Getting some sweet cuddle time with Dad
 You can't tell here but Grace is terrified that turtle is going to get her while her back is turned. :)
 I wish you could see the looks of wonder on their faces in this picture. No matter how many times we go to the zoo (which is a lot) they still get that look of awe and amazement. I love when they get those faces, it means they are learning and soaking it all in. Tons of questions are asked and answered (if I know the answers) and you can just see that they appreciate the animals and have a healthy respect for the big scary ones, and even the small tiny ones too.
Yup, still amazed!
 Soaking it all in

 The girls had to stop at every statue they saw and pose. We veered clear of a few of them by distracting them but they still did their fair share of statue hunting.

 This one I just gave up on. I took 5 pictures and still didn't get a good one. This one was snapped right before I had to run over to Grace who was falling off backward. If you look closely you can see her hanging on to that gorillas head for dear life.  I did catch her thank goodness.
 But we pulled it together (kinda) for the last one. :)

After the Zoo the girls decided their time was best spent going to the mall (smart little girls). We had to eat dinner first and they chose Apple bee's. Yum Yum!!! When we got to the mall our plan was to head to Build-A-Bear but we stopped at Icing first, little miss Grace decided she wanted her ears pierced, and so it shall be. :) She was seriously brave, she didn't even make a peep. She was just thrilled to have her ears pierced. Grace is a tough cookie.

 Now, on to Build-A-Bear. Randi chose a purple bear with hearts on her and Grace picked a little dachshund dog. We got their little animals, stuffed them, cleaned them, dressed them and then we were out.

We had dinner and we headed back to good ole Pratt. The girls were tuckered but I think mom and dad were even more so! All and all a great day!! Maybe we should let the kids plan our days from now on, we seem to have much more fun when the girls are calling the shots.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happy belated Valentine's Day!!!  Randi had to miss her party at school. She was seriously heartbroken. Cried, begged, pleaded. I felt horrible for her. She is such a sweet and good girl, especially at school, that I hate for her to miss the good stuff like the parties!! But, that's how it ended up. So we made the best of it and had ourselves a little party.

We decorated the house with pink, red and white streamers, made crafts, ate pink cotton candy, made pj's and bakes some pretty pink cupcakes. A great time was had by all! Jeff got me beautiful flowers, and I got him a gift certificate to his favorite hobby store. Then we all had pot roast, and veggies for dinner. Pretty perfect day with ALL my sweeties.

Jeff, being the great daddy he is, gave the girls roses and big old teddy bears.

Randi's pjs.

 Grace's pjs

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


There is something special and grand about cousins. A bond that is deeper than friendship. Randi and Grace are lucky little girls to have many amazing cousins!  Jeff and I are lucky too. We are blessed with amazing nephews and nieces. The more the merrier in our book! I just wish I could talk him into adding to our tribe! :) Maybe sometime soon?? But for now I'm happy with my two love bugs and all the cousins!!

"A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost."

  Marion C. Garretty