Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting Caught Up......If That's Possible

Well......I stink. It looks like my last blog post was on July 27th. It's no use tallying the months up to see how long I've been MIA. It's been a LONG TIME. I've all but forgotten my little family's  blog, it kinda makes me sad. Keeping this blog up and recording memories is something that is important to me and I've let it slide. Such is life though, we let things slide that don't seem pressing and before you know it it's been 6 months (who's counting) before you find time to devote to it again. It's my hope that after I do this ginormous, mega, super sized update post that I'll be able to keep it up again. That is my hope anyway. Soooooo where do I start?? Um, I guess back in July aye? Normally I would make a post for each of these events and have lots to say about the event and post several pictures but this time your going to get a picture and a short and sweet description, we have a lot of ground to cover. :)  And really pictures do the talking so I'll let them do their job.

We went to the Pratt Fair (twice)

 Went to the Zoo and had a day in Wichita for Randi's birthday
I will have to do Randi's birthday post another day :)

The First Day of School!!

State Fair too :)

I let them ride rides I didn't think they should ride, I caved and watched them have fun. I also watched Jeff do a little victory dance when I sided with him to let them ride the bigger rides.

Randi played a season of volleyball

Grace played a season of soccer

Halloween came along and my darling girls and nephews had a blast trick or treating.
(aren't they adorable!!!)

School career day for Randi. She chose a Zoo Keeper and gave a excellent speech
She dressed and acted the part well.  

Grace got to go on her first field trip ever! She of course loved it. 

They did some cleaning....not a lot but some

Some cheering

A lot of skating

and some reading too.

Christmas was busy and fun and seemed to come quite a bit earlier this year then last. 
We enjoyed Old Fashion Christmas with reindeer, train rides, games, snacks and Santa.

 We had several Christmas's at our house, This was the first one.
 good looking group of kiddos huh?

We enjoy a full house

This was Christmas Morning for the girls

And our last Christmas with Grandpa Dan

Christmas was a lot of work....especially for Dad :) Good thing his girls take care of him

This is what happens when you don't keep your kids busy during Christmas break. 

 And to bring us to the present.....Randi's stitches.

Horrible ending to this post isn't it??
Maybe I should end it with a sweet picture from the past?
OK here :) By the way they still fight like this.