Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Update #2

So, I missed yesterday's post, but here I am bright and early today. :). Jeff took another test this morning!! Got a 91. He only has 4 more and than 4 years of working and test taking will pay off when he gets his journey man license!! Good job baby, I'm so proud of you!!!  So now I'm going to share some more pictures of out outings. I'm noticing I'm not in ANY of these pictures, I should probably do something about that, but in all honestly I won't.  So let me share my girls and hubby.

 Randi and Grace enjoying some park time

 Grace waiting on Randi to get out of school

These pictures are of the girls at the Pratt public libary. They love going here and checking out the books and playing on the computers. 

The kids and their cousins enjoying Mom's hot tub.
 Kaden and Mason staying warm after the hottub

Kalesha is fostering some puppies for the Humane Society and Grace is in heaven. Grace LOVES puppies

 We spent the day at the Great Bend Zoo. It's a great place, the girls love seeing all the animals and Jeff and I have fun too.;)


 Well I have EVEN more but it will wait till tomorrow. I have to get off here and make it to Grace's Easter party for preschool!.

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