Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Day

We had a great Easter. The girls got all cute in their dresses, (they picked them out) and we spent the day with Jeff's Dad's side of the family. Here are some pictures of our day.
 My beautiful little girls
 And again
 Jeff bringing the Easter baskets out from the van for the girls. I had to get a picture, he's pretty cute, huh?
 The girls and their cousin's.
 Randi hunting eggs
 Miss Grace searching from some too

 Looks like she found a couple!

 Their baskets are getting pretty full!
A game of volleyball to end the day.

The girls opening their Easter presents from Grandpa Dan and Grandma Sherry

 Jeff taking a cruise on the scooter
 The girls love it too!
 Finally took a picture of myself!!

Our Family of 4 on Easter Sunday.

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  1. Love this girl! And yes, you are all adorable as can be!