Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grace Turns 4

Like every birthday of my girl's, it's bitter sweet. I love watching them grow and become these amazing little people, people I am truly proud of and people I am honored to be apart of raising. However, I am also so sad that another year in their young lives has come and gone.
My baby, the one I was holding in my arms for the first time, which seems like only yesterday, is now 4.

4 years have passed by and that's 4 years I'll never get back. I guess it's a good thing we're making the most of them. Still very bitter sweet for me.

 And then she turned ONE!

 Such a cute cute little one year old!!
 And then came birthday number TWO!!
Even cuter as two!

 And Three came soon after! She's turning into a sweet little lady. (Most the time anyway)


Her birthday was a blast! She had a ton of fun and soaked in all the attention that only a birthday can bring.

I hope you had a good one baby girl!!! Your gorgeous inside and out, your laugh is infectious, you give the best hugs and I am soooo proud of who you are growing up to be! Keep it up Grace, your a a little world changer. 

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  1. She's such a gorgeous little thing. Loved reading your post! :)