Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First Day of School- Only a month late!!

So I know this is late.....A sure sign that school is back up and going along with dance, Awana's and all the other activities the girls do, my blog gets put on the back burner. But for the sake of this blog and what I'm meaning for it to be (for my girls) , I HAVE to do this. :) Soooooo Randi and Grace's first day of school!!!!!

I love this time of year. All the excitement, anticipation, and greatness that it brings is welcomed!! The girls love school, I know this won't last forever, but while it does, I'm soaking it up. School IS cool in this house :) Randi's first day was first and here she is on her big day

Yup, beautiful, smart, confident and happy!! Just the way I like her.

Then Grace's first day a week later

And my sweet Grace!! Gorgeous, bright, proud and joyful!!

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