Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's and Bear's

We recently went to Build-A-Bear again. The girls love this place and I have to admit it's so stinking cute and whoever thought of this has got to be rich! The parents and kids just file in there!  The girls got to choose which animal they wanted, stuff it, pick a heart for their bear, make a wish on the heart, bath them, and dress them. Here are some pictures from Build-A-Bear.

Valentines Day was great!! Randi is so big now and was able to write who her Valentines were for and sign her own name!! I just gave her the class list and she went to town.  Great job Randi, We need to get you a pin pal sister!! Your awesome at writing.
Here Valentines party was blast! They all had fun too! Here they are playing hot valentines heart (kinda like hot potato)

Grace writing her name on all her Valentines, she was done after about 3 but managed to hang in there for the rest of them, It was great practice and she did awesome!! They were even readable! :)

Grace's Valentines party was great too! I love how little kids get soo excited about their parties and the simple gifts they get, suckers, pencil's and balloon's are enough entertainment for an entire day!

Can't forget my sweet Valentines gift! I woke up to this on our fireplace Valentines Morning- Thank you Jeff, your still the sweetest guy around!! So thankful to have you as my Valentine!

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