Monday, August 29, 2011


If you find you don't have all the answers, which is the exact predicament I find myself in quite often, ask a young child.
When I'm feeling a little unmotivated, uninspired, down or weak, I go to a magnificent duo. They are honest, with pure intentions, have no ulterior motive, no preconceived notions, they don't mind telling it as it is and they don't mind showing compassion. These gems are Randi and Grace. They are my go to gals.

It's funny, I think us adults complicate things ya know?? We go through the what if's, the why's, the how's and then over complicate those as well. I'm not suggesting I listen and follow through with all of their ideas and advice, (but what a crazy life we would lead if I did.) We would have a rainbow colored house and eat ice cream and spaghetti for every meal, we'd go to the zoo everyday and spend the rest of the time playing, coloring, singing and dancing and.... well...actually this is sounding pretty nice, maybe I should follow their lead?? Anyway they simplify things and we as adults complicate things.

I used to think it was the other way around, but nope...... the kids are the ones that have it right. 

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