Friday, August 12, 2011

Toy Room Overhaul

Our toy room is getting a makeover!! I should point out this is in no way shape or form Jeff's idea. In fact he REALLY doesn't want to do it. However I had to empty out the toy room yesterday to shampoo the carpet and my crazy thinking mind went overboard. But... emptying the toy room is a once every 6 months ordeal so while it's empty we might as well....Right?? Right??? Or am I crazy?? Never mind, please don't answer that. Sooo the toy room is now empty....well besides the toys that the girls have ALREADY drug back in there. So I'm posting a before picture and hopefully by tonight I can post a after picture. There are a thousand things I need to get done besides this but sometimes you have to have some fun....wait, this won't be fun...Ummmmm...Sometimes you just have to do what you don't want to do in order for things to get done...Yup that sounds more accurate. Here is a snap shot of the toy room BEFORE

Wish me luck and patience and the ability to accept what I can not change and the ability to not go overboard with this make over. If it were up to me this would take a week and consist of us building new shelves and wall art and maybe painting a whole wall with chalk board paint and all kind of crazy things but I have ONE night... so paint and rearranging will go along way.....I hope. ;)

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