Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Break

Today, on our family blog, there will be a break from the regularly scheduled program to bring some attention to this little boy.

I try hard to bring attention to things that plague my heart, and that sweet face is plaguing my heart.
His name is (not his real name but a name given to him to protect his identity) is "Carlton". Isn't he sweet!!! I can just imagine him in anyone one of my friends home, my family's home, even MY home. I can imagine him being friends with my little girls and their cousins. I can imagine him being a sweet sweet boy who is ornery and active and only interested in smashing cars together and getting plenty dirty in the back yard. I can see him getting sweet hugs from his mom and dad and being tucked in at night. He looks like a normal boy you would see anywhere right??

Except for one thing. He's in a orphanage in Eastern Europe with not a soul to love him. Not one single person he can call his family, not even one. Please imagine what that must feel like, what he must think, what that must do to his sweet innocent soul. This is not ok, this little boy does not deserve what is in store for him and what he has already endured.

You see, "Carlton" is smart!! Very smart. He is 4 years old and is studying at a 7-8 year old level, he has SO MUCH POTENTIAL!! My sweet little girls are not that smart (although I think they little genius's) and they are loved abundantly and have had every opportunity in the world. He has not and he is academically excelling!! But, because he is so smart, he also understands his situation.

Carlton's diagnosis is paraparesis of the lower extremities, his legs are partially paralyzed. He has undergone two surgeries for this and is doing awesome in physical therapy. See....

 He has SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!! Can you imagine what he could do if he had regular physical therapy, a loving family who cheered him on and fostered all his talent! He will be unstoppable. He is extremely smart, adorable and completely able to be someone amazing, he could have a very bright future! A woman who has met Carlton has this to say about him.

This adorable boy is not only extremely HANDSOME but also extremely SMART! I am totally in love with his personality: he was reciting very long poems for me , when I gave him the toys and candies he was so happy, he hugged me, he was smiling , he said Thank you. Very polite young man with a self-respect! He does not give any impression of an orphan child, I believe that the future parents will not have any attachment or discipline issues at all. The child is very friendly, tender, obedient, open for a dialogue, asks questions but at the same time he is not clinging and annoying. We were playing with a doll house and he impressed me so much with giving me ideas how to make the house cozy.  

Now, for a moment I want you to understand what WILL happen to this boy if he is not adopted. He will live for a short while longer at his current orphanage, still without hope or a family. Then, very soon, he will be transferred to an adult mental institution. This amazingly smart boy will be thrown into a whole new world of survival of the fittest. There will be no one to get him out of his bed, there will be no one to make sure he is taken care of, or eats or gets bathed. An adult mental institution is a form of hell on earth in Eastern Europe. You can read about it here  This boy will not make it there. He will die, he will rot and his little spirit will be broken the rest of the way down.

I am begging and pleading with you today to take action for Carlton. You have a magic button right at your finger tips. You have the ability to help him without spending a dime. It takes only a second and you could change his world, his future. PLEASE "SHARE" this post on facebook. Get it far and wide, help it reach his family who may not even know they have a son waiting for them. Help get this post to as many people who will read it. If you could do that for this sweet boy, I would be so thankful.

Here is his Reece's Rainbow profile. :)

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