Tuesday, June 12, 2012


For every cute, beautiful picture I have, there are 20 bad ones. I tell the girls to say "CHEESE"..... Sometimes they don't even look, sometimes they look at me like they are going to choke me, sometimes they walk away, you get the idea....It's really a crap shoot. I may get that sweet moment or I may not. Anyway, it's a shame that some of these funny, not so great shots don't get seen. So here are some of our outtakes.

Hey girls, you look so sweet cuddled up in the chair together can you look over here and smile. No?? You can't?? 

Stop and smile

Grace are you enjoying Randi's Award Ceremony? 

How was your day at school Randi? 

Yes smile, but maybe not that much.... That smile looks like it hurts. 

Oh sweet Piper not you too! Make sure your eyes are open next time. 

Leo doesn't even try!! 

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