Friday, January 7, 2011

Growing and Learning

The girls are growing sooo fast and getting so smart in the process. We are pretty good about right after school working on whatever homework they may have. Randi does not like this but I REALLY want to start good homework habits now so later on down the road they know what to expect and don't fight me too badly on getting it done. (I know I'm probably dreaming on the "no fighting about homework" thing but in theory it works..=) Before dinner we each take a girl (Jeff takes one and I take one) and work with them for around 30 min on a subject they need to practice. We do shapes, identifying letters and numbers, writing her name and counting to 20 with Grace. Here is Grace after she wrote her name all by herself! Go Grace!!
 Randi works on writing all her letters, writing her numbers, counting to 100, reading (which she is doing AWESOME), sight words, and simple math. Here is Randi's alphabet. She actually just did this one for fun, which is great, I love it that she considers this "fun".

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