Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm Back!!

Wow, I am sooo far behind on this poor lonely blog!!  I won't even begin to try to catch up to date but I can start today. Life is good, well great actually. Everyone in this house is happy, healthy, loved and thriving. We just got done with a fabulous Christmas break and now the girls are back at school learning, playing and growing up.

The girls stay busy with school, dance, Awanas and any little thing that we decide to sign them up for or attend. We have been going skating on Tuesday's. ($2.00 Tuesday) can't beat that! They love it and do great at it.

Jeff is getting close to getting his 3rd book done!!! Yeah Jeff!! So proud of that man. He's doing awesome and he does great on his test. He's smarter than your average bear for sure!!

I start the Biggest Loser Challenge our town is putting on and I'm seriously committed to it so I know good things will come from the hard work and good diet that I don't want to do. I also start school on the 18th. That is going to be a lifestyle change and something I'm going to have to really work at and do well with. I'm excited but also extremely nervous about the time and effort it is going to take. I know I can balance everything though, I'll just have to be a watching my time closely and making the most of it!

Hope all of you had a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!! I'm so excited about 2011 and all the great memories, new adventures and amazing blessings that are in store for us! 

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