Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Track and a Carnival

Friday was a BUSY day for me. 24 cupcakes for the cake walk, a track and field day for Randi, and the Skyline Carnival. However, busy for me, usually equals fun for the girls... so I'm good with it. It was cold and windy! I'm not exactly sure at what age weather matters, but the girls didn't seem to mind freezing. They really never do actually. They could swim when it's 50 degrees out, if mom let them that is. It's so funny what bothers us grumpy old adults and what kids can overlook in the name of having fun. I totally need that part of being a kid back, well and the energy wouldn't be bad either.

So i have to mention that Randi is all about being a girl and all the glorious plus's that come with it. She loves clothes and shoes and jewelery and makeup and anything that is shiny and blings!! So, it really was no surprise to me that she would only do track in her fur coat. I didn't even think anything about it until one of the other mom's said something. She is a girly girl in every since and did track in fashion!
 Grace running in the preschool race, crossing the finish line
 Yup She got SECOND!!! Grace is great runner and takes after her Dad in so many ways. Great job GRACE!!
 Randi doing the ball throw
 After the Fun day was the Carnival. The girls had a blast! They started the night off with showing some school spirit!!

 Duck pool

 Good ole dad explaining how to play the game

So after our crazy busy day on Friday, we got up bright and early to go to Randi's track meet. We had signed her up for track through the Recreation Department and her track meet happened to be the day after her track and field day at school. So we endured another cold windy morning of races and ball throws. And of course the girls didn't mind a bit. Randi actually did awesome in her races!! Notice, the fur coat. ;)

She got second place in the 100 yard dash!! Way to go Randi. She just might have some of her daddy in her after all. Because I am NOT the runner in the family, not the fast one anyway.

So all in all a great weekend for Our Family of 4

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