Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Summer So Far

Our summer so far has been crazy. Things are just now starting to get really busy with the girl's activities, but we've had fun so far. Here are a few of the things I happened to get pictures of. I've been trying to get Jeff talked into buying me a GOOD camera. They are like $700.00 though and he's having a hard time swallowing that. But hopefully I can sweet talk my way into a brand new nice camera soon! I need it, I'll use it, and the girls are just busy enough and cute enough, they could make having it fun. So onto some pictures. We did some face painting and it started off innocent enough but before the session was over my girls looked more like boys. SOOOO funny, and just so you know this was THEIR idea, not MINE.

 We spent a little time at the Wild Life and Parks Museum too. That's a great place to spend an hour and keep the girls entertained.
 Now these next set of pictures I hesitated to even put on here, but I did so I have to at least give an explanation. :) My girls have an amazing talent. Really, I've never seen anything like it. They can DESTROY a toy room in record time. This picture is only me standing in front of the door. Their toyroom is 12' x 12'. the entire room looks like this, but I'm sure you can get an idea of how the rest of the room looked.

 And this picture is after HOURS of work. The girls did help, thankfully, but it was still a chore I did not want to even think about. However, now that's it's clean they are doing a super job (with lots of reminders from me) of keeping it clean. Hopefully they keep it up.
 We spent some time with Dad
 Took pictures for their Dance classes. They have been working all year and their recital is coming up very soon. That deserves a post all in itself. But here are some pictures of them.
 And T-ball started. This means we will be spending several nights at the ball park, in the bleachers, and at practices. We love it though and more importantly the girls love it. Here is Randi and her team.
 Grace and her super cute tball shirt. She's in t-ball clinics, so no games for her just practices but still lots of fun! I'll post some pictures of her practice next week.
 Randi at bat!! She's getting great at t-ball and knows how to hustle! Go Randi!!
So we've had fun so far this summer. We're busy nearly everyday and we are all having fun, after all that's what summer is ALL about.  Happy Summer

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